I’d love to tell you I received this revelation while sitting on my back deck during my quiet time, with my Bible open, a cup of coffee, and my notebook. But I didn’t. I got it while watching the TV show Blue Bloods.

I was watching one of my favorite shows, Blue Bloods, when I heard the line “You know who you are; be that” from Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, known IRL as Tom Selleck. Blue Bloods is a crime drama following a family of law enforcement officers in serving the city of New York in different capacities. The show is in it’s twelfth season and I’ve been a fan now for years.

In this particular episode, a detective who had spent time previously working for the commissioner was shot in the field. Commissioner Reagan rushes to the hospital and catches her before she’s rushed into surgery. She is bleeding, holding her wound, and looks terrified and that’s when he tells her, “You know who you are; be that.”

Listen.. whoever told you that you can only hear from God sitting in a meadow with a journal may need to expand their idea of how God works! God can use anything to talk to us. Look in the Bible! Angels, Burning bushes, donkeys, children.. The truth is that as long as we’re listening, he’ll speak.

This line has captivated my thoughts now for a bit. Sometimes I feel like we are constantly searching for this ideal self. We read books about how to be better, look better, feel better, and do better but as children of God, we can obtain all of this and more in his word.

When we know who we are (children of God) we can simply be that (heirs to the promise). We are heirs to God’s promise of grace, freedom, love, acceptance, favor, and the list goes on. We have the mind of Christ! We only have to know that we do and use it.

I’ve stopped chasing this imaginary future self who looks a certain way or does certain things and have decided to just be who I am.. a beloved child of God. I’m leaning on who I am in him and trusting him to show me what’s missing (and abounding) in my life. So know who you are today.. and Be That!!

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