As I reflect this Easter Sunday, I think of the goodness of God in my life. I sing on the praise team at my church and it’s not uncommon for people to come up to talk about worship after the service.

I’ve been asked more than once how I have so much energy during worship. I usually credit it to caffeine and the Holy Spirit, both of which help. But the main reason I have so much “energy” is because of my gratitude for all God has done.

Have you ever seen a video of a lottery winner? They are usually screaming, crying, or jumping in disbelief. Why? Because they know they’re lives are about to radically change.

Every opportunity I have to lift up the name of Jesus, I do it with everything in me because I remember when he saved me.

I remember how I rejected him for years. I remember how I pretended I didn’t need him. I remember how despite the truth that I ignored and disrespected him, he still reached down and pulled me out of the pit.

When he saved me, my life changed radically; and like the lottery winner, whenever I think about that change, I celebrate.

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