Well, this has definitely been an interesting start to the year! Many of us are home with kids and spouses due to the Coronavirus and for many, this is a very uncertain time. For someone like me, this has definitely been an adjustment.

I’ve never been much of a “go with the flow” type person. When I want to be spontaneous, I schedule it in my planner! So when we went from a public school family to a homeschooling family almost overnight, you could imagine how unprepared I felt. The first week home was stressful to say the least. Not because of school or schedules, but just the unknown. This new normal was unplanned, uncertain, uncomfortable and every other “un” you can think of!

Just as I was beginning to go farther down the spiral of stress, anxiety, and fear, I had a strange thought. Have you or anyone you know been a victim of identity theft? Identity theft can be defined as the fraudulent acquisition of a person’s private identifying information. While usually someone’s identity is stolen for financial gain, I realized that over the course of the week, my identity was be stolen, but this thief had a bigger motive than a financial one.

This thief was attempting to take my identity as a child of God and cause me to overlook my place in Christ! I knew that I was an overcoming, and that the peace of God would guard my heart, and that I didn’t need to feel anxious, but I was allowing this thief to make me feel otherwise. I was allowing my identity as a child of God to be taken from me and I had had enough.

I immediately began covering myself with the word of God. I wrote scriptures that encouraged me and reinforced my position in Christ. I removed the things that were causing me to feel anxious and fearful and replaced them with life giving activities. I reclaimed my identity.

If you are struggling with fear or anxiety, let me encourage you to reclaim your identity. Know the power you have in Jesus and begin to receive it. Nehemiah said the joy of the Lord is our strength. We don’t have to do anything alone. Connect with someone who can encourage you and pray for you when you need it. We will get through this together and through faith!

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