“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” -Jonathan Swift

As we set off in this new year, one of my goals for this ministry is to be more organized, more connected and more involved! I will be sharing the vision God has placed in my heart for this ministry as a whole, and our quarterly plans here on this blog site. That way, it’s available to you whenever you’d like to check something or find different resources. If you haven’t joined the vision study in the Bible app, it’s not too late to catch up!



Vision 2020 Devotion in the YouVersion app from 1/6/20-1/26/20 https://bible.com/p/21583690/09b3770a0e3b40d89c7ac537d9d3786c



Reading Uncluttered by Courtney Ellis paired with devotion in YouVersion app starting 2/10/20-3/6/20 Click the link below to join!




Bible Study 3/15-4/5 Sunday mornings at 9am in the Youth Room. More details to come

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